I narrowly avoided an abusive relationship!
Taken during the cocooning period, how could I have known it would be the dawning of a new day for me?

Imagine the moment when you realize that you finally learned to avoid abusive relationships…by narrowly avoiding one. I give thanks and praises for my critical mass of wherewithal that I affectionately call the “cocoon, mood-flip, self-question what the heck is going on with me? I need to hibernate and figure this sh*t out” mode.

As a survivor, I have found myself at different times to…

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Are You Afraid of What Fear is Doing to Your LIfe?

Are You Afraid of What Fear is Doing to Your LIfe?

Express Yourself Without Fear of Censure

Dunh-da-da-dunhhhh…The fear series begins! (Don’t worry, the “Live Outrageous” series will follow soon hereafter!) What is it that you really want to do with your life? Do you wish to travel someplace special? Live someplace new? Try out the deeper intimacy of an authentic relationship or friendship? Maybe you have a business idea that haunts you in your sleep, begging for the sweet release of…

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Coaching: A Juicy Gift for Your Juicy Life!

Coaching: A Juicy Gift for Your Juicy Life!

Heal Thyself Mini Pamphlets

So, you may have a secret questions in your mind “What is Coaching? Who is it for?  How does it work? In what ways do people really benefit from it?” Your heart already knows the answer, for you to ask the question in your mind means that the heart has called out for something that the intellect does not yet grasp. Well, the master of logic is a demanding boss who requires a linear, well-reasoned…

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Musical Monday::One Chorus, One People

Bobby McFerrin may very well be on of America’s National Treasures. His approach to music shows his total immersion in the craft of music from the world of sounds, and he seems to have honed…

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